To Be With You
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Sometimes when you love someone, all you care about is their happiness... But how about when they're not yours to prioritize anymore, yet you still love them?

To Be With You

When we were together, everything else didn't seem to matter.

It was just you and me.

With my world revolving around you, and no one else.

My heart practically pumping just for you, no one else.

And all my love was given to you, no one else.

But for you, it wasn't the same.

Because why else would you be with him instead?

Be happy with him?

Laugh with him?

Smile with him, wider as you have ever been with me.

And I know I shouldn't take this whole thing too deeply,

When at the start my only priority was your happiness.

And even now when you're not mine.

But why is it when I see you happy with him.

All I could wish is for you to stop what you're feeling?

And realize I could've done so much better.

And I know I'm selfish for thinking of it like that.

But I would never hurt you like everybody else.

I would always love you, have my heart be your shield.

Maybe I'm just intoxicated by the thought of you with somebody else.

But everything just reminds me of you.

I could try to move on just like you did...

But it's never that easy.


All my friends said I would be able to walk away from this.

And I too believe I will.

But until then...

All I could think to myself is how I was so insanely happy with you,

When you were still mine.

And just think to myself that yes, I'm still in love with you.

But you're out there, living a paradise with someone who isn't me.

And maybe I should just listen to everybody else.

But I know true love doesn't listen to those who don't feel the kind of torment it feels when the love of who they cared for isn't there anymore.

And it just tells itself when enough is enough.

So by that, I'll just have to wait.

But if he breaks your heart...

I'll be here.

With open arms, waiting.

Accepting you back whenever.

But for now, I'll just to have wait.

While seeing you with him.

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