Leave Me Lonely
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Loving me was never easy, so I don't understand how leaving me is.

Leave Me Lonely

I admit, I burn those who dare try to get too close.

I've handed my heart to many, gave them the key but somehow they always seem to never get in.

Banging at the doors of my heart, wondering what's going on when the riot takes place in my mind, where all the tragic parts of me go insane.

Always looking for reasons to push everyone away, but I just end up hurting myself when all I ever needed was love the most.

You allow people to see a glimpse of who you are, but instantly regret it as soon as they cower away when they don't like what they see.

And so I've shut myself out from the entire world, even to those who were willing to try and fix me.

But the door is still somehow locked and the windows are boarded up and here I am in the towers of my own ruins, alone and agonized.

Crying deep into the depths of my soul, wondering why must I be this way?

I scream for salvation but demand to be loved as soon as I realize they only force themselves to try and save me,

But then get so bitter and twisted once they scamper off to try and search for someone who won't drain them out of their own courage.

You hand over your heart to so many people yet at the end...

You're still here.

Thinking, crying, screaming and wondering...

"Why must I be so lonely?"

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