If We Don’t Talk, Don’t Ask


     If We Don’t Talk, Don’t Ask bullying stories
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A poem about how it may feel to explain bullying to others. Remember to let them take their time, but check in with them.

If We Don’t Talk, Don’t Ask

A bad part about bullying is having to Explain it to someone new Or deal with the questions that pursue

Oh, but your too nice they say Oh, but do you have any proof of that day Oh, but you look the right way

Excuse me, but your excuses are just an excuse It's not like this is what we choose We don't try to make these into fake news

It's crazy that we have to explain the pain We have nothing to gain From explaining the pain

Do you think we want the attention? Don't think I didn't hear you mention About how this was a lie Because I did not cry

So no, if we don't talk, don't ask You don't need to know, that's not your task Your job is to be helpful and kind And to give us space and time

We may never be fine But if you stay by our side, that's fine

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