You be you
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starry_cosmos 🌙 You are a star in our cosmos ⭐
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You be you, whoever that is. :)

You be you

Very young I had so much self-confidence I never doubted I even shouted So full of dreams and promises

Growing up I didn't care what others said I tried and I cried but Thank God for the friends I met

Don't think I didn't struggle or that it didn't hurt. I learned how painfully words can impact your beliefs and your self-worth. I was told And was bold For speaking loving words.

Looking back They were mostly wrong about me Because I knew What to do I felt like I was meant to be

I apologize For what they all tried to do You've been strong You're not wrong You were meant to be too

With that being said and all that's been done. Since I'm writing and smiling right now, I guess you can say I won.

And now my next goal is to share and express what's true. You belong in this world. You deserve. You be you.

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