Why you should keep writing!
Why you should keep writing!
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There's a lot of benefits to writing, but what makes it unique is that it came from you, and perhaps the greatest accomplishment in writing is inspiring others to do the same too. :)

Why you should keep writing!

What is writing? Writing; an act of using language in coherent text that develops into a fluid skill. (roughly)

Simple, general, and vague, hm? Easy enough with practice.

In this day and age, a majority can do it. And with technology, to you chicken scratch hand-writers, you can type instead!

But it is much more than that here on Commaful, isn't it? You're not just typing texts.

You are doing something more mind-blowing and skillful with entirely unique reasons.

You are writing your thoughts, your feelings, experiences, situations, lessons, and stories.

The difference is that you are writing from the heart instead of just merely writing stuff down.

You are trying to convey something not only from yourself, but for others who you hope will read them, and who will understand your words beyond the text in the ways you meant.

You're doing a powerful form of writing, beyond it's simple definition.

Your writing will give meaning, and produce feelings, and bring back memories.

The experience is very personal and vulnerable on both ends, and will require you to do only one thing to be successful in the art.

Just be yourself.

Let your mind unravel and think beyond the limits you've been confined in.

Find yourself questioning and wondering, discovering and sharing.

Your page is your stage and your pen is your wand.

Like a magician, show us your tricks you've learned and leave us awestruck in how you did it.

Like a musician use your voice and let your life be your orchestra.

Like an artist make one image have depth with endless meaning.

The intention is not just the entertain, but to create, narrate, and take us on a journey to places beyond what we've ever known.

With my open mind and your open heart, you created a gateway into another world.

Whether your words were a sensation or not, you did your part by sharing your words at all.

I applaud your masterpiece dear artist, and am left speechless in your magical skill dear magician, and can't wait to hear your voice all around dear musician.

Using passion and sincerity and bravely, openly being yourself.

Your final act was inspiring others to follow you by example, to show us that there's a way.

The only difference there is that they will do it their way.

To me that's when you've accomplished the meaning behind writing, and why you should keep writing!

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