When You Become Immortal
When You Become Immortal immortal stories

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I found an old poem I wrote a long time ago when I was reading a series about an immortal being. I forgot the title, but it really challenged my perspective about immortality. These were my thoughts! It is a deep and intense read. Enjoy! :)

When You Become Immortal

Your blood will turn cold

Time cannot touch you

You will never grow old

Your voice and your hands

Will be given demands

To share your gift unto others

But they don't understand

How you've become numb to humanity

And all the pain and tragedies

How Time and Death work around the clock

All around you Yet your clock has stopped

You are unable to experience

Unable to feel the difference

In what is valuable and meaningful

And how everything is irreplaceable

An ageless body, but unable to grow out of your shell

At least you know now

And you know it well

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