What I do on a Bad Day:
What I do on a Bad Day: try stories

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I made a list of what I do when I have a bad day. I thought of sharing it in case it might benefit you. I encourage you to find ways to overcome your bad days too! :)

What I do on a Bad Day:

1. Breathe Whenever you feel tense and overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths. Sometimes we forget to live in the moment. Time is never wasted relishing and enjoying life to the fullest. Breathing is a gift of life, and it's often underappreciated.

2. Think it over We don't like to look back on bad memories. But it is important to look back in order to question, understand what went wrong, and develop ideas to do your best to avoid repeating mistakes when the time comes again. It might be difficult to do alone, but I believe you can do it. Believe you can too!

3. Don't hold yourself back Don't blame yourself for being human. We are often harder on ourselves than anyone else. Treat yourself with kindness. Understand we all make mistakes. Be your best friend. Validate that this was difficult for you, and that's perfectly fine.

4. Moving forward You have had bad days before, and you overcame them. You've come so far, and you made it. Let go of those bad days and realize that bad moment will not stop you from living your life, whether it was a mistake or failed attempt, you will live and find a way if you're willing.

5. Pace yourself It's okay to not always be moving forward. We all go at our own pace. There is no rush or competition. You're doing your very best and be proud of that. No one knows your struggles more than you, so be patient with yourself and never give up. It will get easier.

6. Take a Break and Create Your passions and inspiration are the fruit of the soul we produce from within. Whatever you love to do that brings you peace and happiness, give yourself a break and let your soul thrive in its own unique way. Creation is an art of expression. Everyone does it differently. Do what will suit you best!

7. Try to Laugh Whether through good memories, funny videos, or spending time with loved ones. Take account how these things are always out there. Remember that and let it give you hope that you will thrive, and that there is faith in the world yet.

8. Reach Out You might not be the only one having a bad day. Why not call a loved one to see how they've been. Tell them about your day and how you feel. Be fair and encourage they do the same. Sometimes talking to a listening ear can boost your mood. They could be the highlight of the day. It's always nice strengthening connections.

9. 'Something Wonderful' What do you hold closely to your heart that you find wonderful? No matter how small it is, make a list! They can be memories, hobbies, people, anything! Even things you overlook and never realized how happy it makes you. Our hearts are like seeds, and you are the gardener that must tend to it, especially when it endures.

10. Appreciate If it's a beautiful day outside, go for a walk. If there's an activity you're interested in, pursue it. Look at your old work and appreciate how much you've grown. Tell your loved ones you appreciate them. Look at yourself and appreciate who you are. Find your self-worth and value. It's definitely there, now own it!

I hope this list can help you whenever you have a bad day, or with whatever you're going through that's difficult. You can always make your own list if this one didn't suit you. I am immensely proud of you, and I don't have to know you to be. You don't have to to show some humanity. We are all works in progress.

Despite everything you've gone through, and every reason you have to hate, you've already won by choosing to love and be kind to yourself and those around you. At least you're trying and are willing. Isn't that something to be proud of? I think so. <3

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