Update: Hello! I've been busy!
Update: Hello! I've been busy! school stories

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Here's my update! It's been a while since I've been on here, and here's why! Thank you all for your support. Have a wonderful day. :)

Update: Hello! I've been busy!

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing wonderful and feeling well. :) I have been very busy for a while now because it's the end of the semester. It's almost over actually! So far so good!

I have also been dealing with a family situation that is being worked on swiftly! I live almost an entire day away from my family, so after school is over this week I plan on visiting! I am excited to see my pets and family, especially my grannies.

I have written a lot about one of my grandmothers on here--the one that likes to write to me? She lives on a farm by herself. I love visiting her and bringing her sweets I made. My other grandmother just turned 94, but she can't take care of herself. :( I like to take over shifts to give my mother and aunt a break from taking care of her so much. It's not so bad!

I don't write about my other 94 year old grandmother so much, I have had ideas though. She speaks only one language and it's a language I'm not the most fluent in, so we barely talk. Despite the language barrier, she and I still laugh and have a fun. We don't need words to keep our bond, which seems contrary to my grandmother Bless who loves words! :)

Lastly, I am also in the process of moving out! I would love to stay in the same general area because it's so lovely here, but if I must go elsewhere away from the friends that have become my family, then so be it. Thank goodness for technology to help me stay in touch!

Life is moving forward, and quite honestly I have been hesitant because there is so much changing. I wrote about how I felt on here through the story "Time, My Best Friend" as a way to keep my head held high and moving forward with hopes for the future, meeting new people, growing as a person, and enjoying the privilege of being here at all.

I just wish I had more time. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the big picture, or to keep it in mind when life seems to hectic. Writing helps me articulate my thoughts and settle my turbulent mind bubbling with responsibilities I need to complete. I will be back to writing pieces on here soon!

In the meantime, do take care of yourself and I hope you have a beautiful future ahead of you. I can't wait to catch up on all the things you've written! Until then! Thank you for taking the time to read this update. Bless you! -SC

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