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Do you know the secrets of a tree?
To me, they are not that different from us.
We are both meant to prevail everything life brings.


Trees are the greatest prevailers around. Did you know: If you plant one upside down, it will continue to grow. If you craft a branch onto a different tree, the branch will continue to grow with the new tree.

After knowing this, do you wish you could do that? In a way, you already have. You've continued to grow even when your world is upside down. You continued to live even when life had other plans, even when you felt like you don't belong here where you are.

I've come to realize, we have so much in common with them. And they can teach us so many things about life if we just look closely enough. They live in very still and peaceful lives, and yet have a multitude of purpose.

I want to stand steadfast during my storms and winter seasons. I will wait until it is my time to blossom again. I will have faith that the sun will shine. Leave me bare in vulnerability when my leaves, like memories, fall so that new ones can take their places.

I want to grow many branches that outreach and connect with others around me. I will share my shade to those weary to rest near me. I will home and care for those that come to me and feel welcomed and belonging.

For me, the skies are the limit. I will grow and inspire those that it is possible to achieve. To you, I am just another tree, and to me, you are just another human being. And yet, to think, every one of us is unlike any other that will ever live again.

You and I are just that unique and significant, that beautiful and important. If a tree were to fall, it wouldn't matter if it made a sound if you weren't around, in their quiet lives they needed only to exist to make a difference. And we will make a difference, no matter who is there to experience it.

When I fall, my rings will tell my story. My age will amaze you and tell you that no matter what happens, you will survive this. I am destined to grow into who I want to be. Who that is, is up to me. Whether hollow, destroyed, taken and used, I will fulfill a purpose.

In life, we are all here together, there for each other, telling our stories. Even after we're gone, be still, for your legacy is not in how tall you stood, but in what you attributed when you did. When people think of me, I want them to call me home.

I will take nothing with me. I have always been destined to give back to the earth. Because the earth gave me everything I have and hold dear.

So if a tree can do all of this, then I what is my excuse not to.

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