This Autumn Season
This Autumn Season season stories

starry_cosmos 🌙 You are a star in our cosmos ⭐
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This Autumn Season I hope we take a break and enjoy the beautiful things changing. :)

This Autumn Season

I love Autumn. Where the leaves change gradients. And warm colors flutter above us with radiance.

When we are left with mounds of fallen spring. And the sun sets early evening.

There is a melancholy feeling. A window closing. A quiet beginning.

Only nature can conjure a beautiful ending phase like this. I find comfort knowing that this is just a metamorphosis.

I hope to learn to let go of my leaves I carried all year long. I hope the leaves will fertilize the ground I stand so tall upon.

This Autumn season I wish for us to overcome our Winters and appreciate what beauty in life is left. Sometimes nature must hibernate to rest. So it can plan for what it can do next.

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