They called me...
They called me... strong stories

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A little darker, perhaps more depressing, than what I'm used to writing. I was inspired by how I've grown into a strong and independent human being, despite everything I've been through. Even back then, what people called me growing up never bothered me, it made me speak up louder. I hope you like it! It's something new for me. :)

They called me...

They called me weird. I guess they weren't used to someone just being themselves. My normal and your normal can be two different things. What's sad is how normal it was to be called something we should embrace.

They called me problematic. Because I didn't want to change who I was for someone that judged me before understanding me. I would argue and question to understand their system. What's problematic is how much I'm shut down for using my voice.

They called me disobedient. Because I wouldn't respect all my elders. Yes they are older, but that doesn't equal wiser. I gave respect to those deserving. Maybe I would be more willing to obey if you were more willing to learn something.

They called me spoiled. For having technology advanced to the point where gaining knowledge is quick and effortless. You would think they would be proud of us to have so much. But apparently millenials are at fault for the lives and fights they never asked for.

They called me wrong. For having my own free will, my own perspective, my own story. Empathy is not a myth and unless you studied law, you have no right to judge anyone. Maybe what's wrong is that these ideas are considered radical instead of human.

They called me stubborn. Because I chose to defend what I believed in and the people I trust will change the world for the better. They can't force changing me just as you can't force nature, space, time, and God to bend to your will.

They called me a loser. For making mistakes, being last place, not getting a perfect score, or being accepted as a person with thoughts and feelings. I like to think we're all winners for trying again, never giving up when we so easily can, and still having hopes and dreams keeping us going.

Well... I guess they were right. :)

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