The Universe is in You
The Universe is in You space stories

starry_cosmos 🌙 You are a star in our cosmos ⭐
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You and the Universe have so much in common. :)

The Universe is in You

The Universe can see what you're made of. It sees the stars in your eyes when you wonder. It sees the stardust you are made of when you dream. It sees the fire in your heart fueling your passions like a billion suns.

It sees your mind going supernova when you have a breakthrough. It sees your hands create something new. That is something the Universe shares in common with you. You are as endless and forever growing, like the Universe, too.

"Here I am." You announced to the Universe. It made you without telling you your purpose. It did not define you, or give you meaning. The Universe only made you be.

And you get to decide who you want to be. You will create and define who that will be, and give it meaning. Something the Universe cannot do.

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