My Dearest (part 3)
My Dearest (part 3) writing stories

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My grandmother's letters to me are very sweet and encouraging. I wish to share them because of the beautiful messages they tell. This will be my first writing series: My Dearest.

My Dearest (part 3)

Thank you for sending me that heartwarming story you wrote in your last letter. It's one of my favorites so far. I'm so happy to know your blog is going well! All of that creativity needed a stage. I understand you're shy with sharing your ideas except with family, but if I were you I would keep it up and learn more from others on the stage with you.

Do you know what happened to me today? It will truly surprise you! Your father came to visit me. What a rare guest! He did say he would be in town for the weekend. He asked me about you and your siblings. He's very proud to know you're transitioning well into living on your own. Of course I showed him the last letter you wrote me about the warrior who became a dragon.

Ha! Ha! You should have seen the confusion! He's not that imaginative, is he? He didn't understand your message until I explained it a bit. He caught on, more or less. I showed him some of my work too, and he was intrigued. He liked our stories from what I gathered. After an hour going back and forth about everything and anything, he asked me why I enjoy writing these stories so much.

I never thought someone ever needed to ask. Its simply something I enjoy. You have an outlet to express yourself, your ideas, experiences, lessons, beliefs. It takes both heart and mind to create such masterpieces. The beauty of it is that each work of art is unique and exquisite and tells us an important message from the one who wrote it.

The most important component to writing stories no matter how you do it is that it comes from the soul. Emotion can be felt when you write anything expressive, such as, "Warm hugs and a gentle caress, together we will overcome this mess." Doesn't that feel invigorating? You feel the power of love and the strength it brings. Where I got the message, the inspiration, is from your grandfather.

I love him so much. I visit him every day. When we were together, it really felt like nothing would ruin us because we were together. My message is from that experience we always shared. Perseverance and tender love. I went on and on and your father was thinking. He asked me if he could give it a try. He wanted to write something! Isn't that astonishing?

I found some paper and a pen, and he did his best. He kept scratching off lines. He was struggling, but I was patient. I offered my help at one point and he gave me what he wrote. I could see in the scratched off lines what he kept trying to say. Here's some I remember:

"Love means learning new things. And I love learning how to." "I will miss being a papa bird. My babies left. Lonely nest." "It's not fair. Where's mama bear?"

Oh my goodness! I could not stop myself from getting into a giggling fit. He was really trying, I know, but I never thought that he would come up with this. It sounds like he misses being a father to his baby birds that all left the nest. We talked about that and that's what he was going for. He misses coming home seeing all of you there.

He's proud of you! Don't think for a moment he's not. He attempted to express how he misses being a father guiding his children. I told him, Joe, that part of your job is over. Your new job is to support your children as they try and find their place in the world. They will struggle and miss us all dearly. We have to be ready and patient. For now, have faith in them.

He went quiet. He knew I was right. Probably hated admitting it in his head. He can be so hard to read sometimes, but it looks like this was not only his attempt at expressing himself. It was also a way to understand how its like after reading our beautiful messages. I'm proud he tried so hard. I encouraged him to practice and he'll get better at it. Anything he writes I could even send to you and your siblings.

He would rather I not do that. I imagine he's embarrassed. No one is good at everything. I know He would rather watch TV than write or read. I thought it was delightful to see him fumble with words and their descriptions. I suppose it can't be helped that you've transitioned well into being an independent young lady while he's still transitioning being a father to young adults.

We will try not to baby you. Having you make it this far in life has proven we did our part successfully. I hope that you will always be open to new and better things no matter how old you become. Your father did that today. Don't be frustrated that you can't get everything right.

Try and fail but never fail to try. We love you. We're here for you. We miss all of you very much and wish you luck out there. On your stage, try new and better things. Bless

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