Failure and Success
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You are a successful story in the making. :)

Failure and Success

I had to break the idea I had been brought up to believe. About Success and Failure. And what they truly mean.

Do you know who Failure is? Failure is someone you cannot possibly be.

You are not a Failure for making mistakes, for not reaching your goals, for not fulfilling your dreams and promises. You are not a Failure for doing the wrong thing or going the wrong way. Failure is not a human condition that defines all of you wholly and truly.

Failure seems absolute. As if you are nothing else but. That cannot be, though. And why?

Because you are a person, and being a person means that you are allowed to be human. Being a Failure is not a standard to fit into and you were never meant to fit into it either.

You may have not reached your goals, or fulfilled expectations. You may have encountered complications leading down the path you didn't intend to take, but that does not make you a Failure. No on intends to fail.

But everyone intends and tries to Succeed.

Success is a status that means getting the deed done, period. Success is not about being first to cross the finish line. It is about crossing the finish line at all.

Success is a journey. And no journey is a perfectly straight path. No matter how long it takes or how many times you made mistakes, as long as you did it, you did it. :)

Even when you don't make it to your goal or deadline, you successfully tried your best. That is more than what anyone could ask of you, including yourself. Give yourself time. Give yourself breaks. You will get there. Enjoy your journey.

You are not a failure. You are a successful story in the making. :)

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