Beauty Without A Mirror
Beauty Without A Mirror

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so if you looked in a mirror, would you see beauty, or something else? This is what my mother sees.

Beauty Without A Mirror

I think her mirror shattered long ago

Somewhere in her life, she wasn't able to look at herself and believe she was beautiful

Because how can you believe you are if your mirror is nothing but shards and broken pieces?

With a broken mirror

She was never able to reflect on herself and believe in her worth with self-confidence

She was never able to see and value her strengths and acts of kindness

She was never able to reflect on her past and move on toward a brighter future

Because how can you reflect without a mirror's reflection?

And for as long as I've lived

And for as long as I've lived She never thought of herself

And for as long as I've lived She never thought of herself beautiful

She held onto those shattered fragments of her mirror, believing in those distorted images that wasn't really her

The world told her to believe it

Because "seeing is believing"

And no matter what I would say to her, she didn't believe me

Without a mirror, she was blind to what really matters in a person

This is my mother...

This is my mother... And as her daughter, I never believed for a moment that she was ugly

You're beautiful!

I wish you didn't have to look in any mirror to have to believe that...

Thank you <3

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