A Little Riddle... (See if you can solve it!)
A Little Riddle...

(See if you can solve it!) art stories

starry_cosmos 🌙 You are a star in our cosmos ⭐
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Riddles are just so fun to ponder over! I wish to improve the form by making up my very own. Try and solve my riddle! I apologize in advance if it is off or confusing, but it was still very fun to think of. Good luck and enjoy my first attempt! :)

A Little Riddle... (See if you can solve it!)

Why, hello to you curious seeker, would you like to know my name? I'll tell you if you play along in my little riddle game.

I was made with a purpose, but I cannot fulfill it on my own. Expressing the inspired; perfected when clearly shown.

By spilling blood will I make sense the most. Necessity am I to the host.

I can make everything and anything come true. Though that truth is limited because it's up to you.

I am capable of connecting people, opening minds, all through the eyes. Be careful, for in your very hands-- in your power can we change lives.

If all the clues that were given have left you feeling clueless. My last clue I will tell you is: I'm lifeless, yet I can bring to life, and by myself I'm useless, yet I'm always used.

Do you know what I am then? It may surprise you, But I'm a pencil/pen.

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