The New Planet
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The New Planet

by starnaux

She stares down at the floor

Just to open another world

She stares up at the sky

Just to see what lies behind

She stares right through the cracks

Just to find the good in I

She stares right through me

Just to find the hidden lies

She stares into the mirror

To see the Planet Eyes

I saw how damaged she was

And I knew she saw it too

But she hid behind the smiles

And kept it there with glue

I told her never to hide

I warned her it was unwise

Now all she can see

Is the Planet Eyes

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LostInMyDreamsCommabassadorDelving deeper into the unknown
9 months ago
A little something I wrote a couple of years ago. ...

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
10 months agoReply
Nice poem. The message about trust, its loss and the difficulty of redemption were well covered by your excellent wording. The poem also was helped by the pictures. Great worlk!