voices from the abyss.

           voices from the abyss. #poem #poetry #selfdeprication stories

stargazingbear writing poetry to get out my inner feels
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a poem bout my anxiety.

voices from the abyss.

Here it comes again The darkness hurls around me The voices from within Appear from nowhere

Whispering the darkest thoughts Into my broken self Telling me all kinds of things That break my heart even more

Overthinking bout everything The smallest details Become large problems That weigh heavy on my brain

Sinking into deep abyss Of self-deprecative thoughts That scream louder and louder Suffocating my breath

Wanna tear my face apart And sew on a new one That would suit the world And appease the voices

Wanna rip my heart out And bury it in the field So no one will find it Cuz I don’t deserve love

Wanna change my personality To be perfect for everybody And not feel like a burden That I feel I am deep within

The voices might disappear If I do as they say Or they might keep on going Breaking me apart more

And then suddenly As quick as they appear They go away

But what they have said Stays inside my head And it doesn’t leave like them

written by: stargazing.bear

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