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stargazer_33 Stargazing and coffee = Mood
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Aurora has a thought while stargazing.

Galactic Thoughts

Light Pollution is non-existant now. Not since all technology failed after the cataclysm. Aurora was happy though. So many stars. She could even see faint galaxies.

Looking at them, she found it easier to think about the past events. What was society all about if society destroyed society? Sounds like a strange sentence, but it was true.

But maybe our fault was to regard society as political union. Aurora always felt a profound sense of astonishment when she saw old human relics. That's probably it. Society is still here.

Maybe the people that made up our society have died, but the ghosts or rather the thoughts and experiences are still there. Embedded in the relics, in songs, stories.

It's a society of common experiences and of hope. ,,That's a pretty nice thought.", Aurora whispered to herself with a smile. She closed her eyes and fell asleep in peace.

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