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I saw SOO many epic poems on August. Here's a dumb one XD

thriving wisterias

In our old wisteria lane,

we planted swollen roses~

gentle blossoms,

white tulips,

and yellow daisies,

all on the soft bed of wilting wisterias,

hoping to make us a garden

and when it'd grow enough,

we'd yank its roots,

and plant it in our hearts.

May~ the month when wisterias bloom,

May~ the month when tulips bloom,

May~ the month when daises bloom,

but we sowed in August

but we sowed in August~ the month when roses bloom,

and we couldn't wait for another May

and we couldn't wait for another May, for a frivolous spring,

for we were August,

we were falling, and we didn't even know,

we built a home in brokenness,

we cupped our tears to store them in oceans,

and promised to count them later,

we were to bloom in August,

in our home~

among the odd shades,

among old rotting grains,

the old wisteria lane,

was abandoned,

and we made it our home

not knowing that wisterias

bloom flamboyantly

they crushed our tulips, roses and daisies,

they crushed our love,

they choked our home,

we were now the soft bed of thriving wisterias

we were the deathbed of love,

for we were blind to build love in brokenness,

somebody never told us

dear us,

dying us,

no one survives brokenness.

no one thrives in an old lane of wisterias.

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