Stained Glass
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stargazer_ I.G: blotted.diaries_
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For @in's contest of mirror musings. Not a very happy piece I guess.

Stained Glass

Trusting myself is something I refrain, These subjugating feelings are hard to contain.

Treat of being human is something I seldom get, The one time I don't make myself feel upset.

I think I like me, sometimes, mind you, I like how from the bad I withdrew.

I like how seeing them smile, Makes the pain worth a while.

I am glad to have found the post, It was just a little push I needed the most.

Once while talking to a fervent mate in class, She said my tale was that of stained glass.


Broken; yet stunning when put together.

I think I like that idea, just waiting for the right weather,

It's been a real storm, it just never stops,

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, all this water slops.

So, until the end befalls, I will be the stained glass,

Allowing no light to pass.

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