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stargazer_ I.G: blotted.diaries_
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I genuinely feel bad that i don't edit my pieces. Oh yeah I feel bad cz you have to read it XD

miniature suns

I watch miniature suns burn out

like smiles pasted on pale skins sink,

I watch them brighter than ever this second

I watch them brighter than ever this second and dead black the next

just like

souls leaving bodies

how they laugh today

and their lips are sewn tight now

how a silent room

is suddenly filled with echoes

of a new life.

but these lights will be back tomorrow

the dead won't

the light of our lives won't

because lives are so fleeting

and these lights are just blinding us

taking us to another dead end

where we will inevitably crash


and no amount of books can save us

no knowledge to escape it

for these lights will always douse


at the end of the day

weary lives give in to the dead end

weary lives

not knowing

that behind the concrete monsters

are softer realities

and lighter smiles

all it will take is one jump

all it will take is one miniature sun.

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