Incomplete cadences
Incomplete cadences random stories

stargazer_ I.G: blotted.diaries_
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I have 22 RANDOM poems in my drafts. you'll get all of them now. Wrote this many months ago. 0 changes made, don't run away XD

Incomplete cadences

Every broken melody keeps us apart,

The chorus plays the beat of your heart,

Sings me your lewd patchy refrain daylong,

Perceived to be a nuisance for a song,


Incomplete cadences waiting to spill,

Into my melodies' void but until,

Another song starts to feel like art,

Mismatched tunes, baffled heart,

Whispers in frailty until it starts to crack,

Tries to do everything to take it back,

Those sweet whispers, kisses they blew,

Distant once again, completed by who?

Wish to match our preludes sounding zing,

For our souls together flawlessly sing,

Always coalesce, our pitches intertwine,

Ceaselessly each other we try to find,

A song we weave together nonsuch,

Electrifying senses at the touch,

Of a lover, my feelings I cannot shun.

It is not a luxury

It is not a luxury, a need for everyone,

Becomes a yearning that covets,

Vague signs

Vague signs for not all are poets.

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