{Till Death Do Us Part} Chapter Two ~Jase~
{Till Death Do Us Part}

 Chapter Two 
~Jase~ tddup stories

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Another chapter of Tddup! Enjoy my Staries!~

{Till Death Do Us Part} Chapter Two ~Jase~

I was with Olivia, Me and her were holding hands. It was a windy day out and her wavy brown hair was swiping around her face. "Let's go to the park." I said. "Now?" Olivia teased. She nodded. "Sure." Me and her, hand in hand, ran down the road to Natasra Central Park. It was one of the most beautiful parks in the town with a large waterfall

and huge trees perfect for climbing. Me and Olivia now ended up right in front of the waterfall. Now we were just staring at each other. "I love you." I said to her. She smiled."I love you too, Jase." Suddenly we were leaning toward each other in a kiss. Just before our lips would touch, a man grabbed Olivia from behind, sliced her throat,

leaving her on the ground to bleed out. "Olivia!" I screamed. -I sat up in my bed, sweat and tears on my cheeks. I quickly wiped them away. Another nightmare of me and Olivia, which I seem to have every night. A different one each night. I breathed deeply, calming myself.

I looked over at my phone which had dinged with a message. It was from my new friend Damian. Wanna hang out? I am free. I shut my phone off, ignoring it. Damian was this new guy I met in Junior year, a little after Olivia's death. He seemed very welcoming to make friends so I became friends with him. Of course I didn't want to make any friends but my mother always kept saying

that I had to move on and make new friends. I never really listened to her, not since I was diagnosed with Depression. Besides, he was obsessed with girls and Damian would never replace Olivia. Ever. I mean I would never ever forget Olivia. It was hard anyway. I loved her so much. I wish I could've told her I loved her before she died right in front of me. Or as people say.

I don't really think that Olivia died. People didn't find her body and she still looked alive when she was dragged away. My therapists always say, "You're in denial. You have to let her go. She is gone. Dead. You have to move on and create a better life for yourself." What bulllshit. I don't believe a single word that any of my therapists say.

They are trying to make me feel better but the only thing they are doing is annoying me. I mean they make me look like I am mental. Which I am not. I just want to clarify that. They are the ones who give me pills. They are the ones that make me feel mental and alone. So basically they are the ones that are making bigger problems for themselves by treating me.

She was the one person that I looked forward to seeing every morning. She was the one who made me smile and feel better about myself. Olivia was the one that I loved-love-and I will never forget her. If she came into my room right this instant, I would hug her and kiss her and tell her how much she really means to me. I am sure she would but that man in the black mask must be keeping her captive.

That is why her body hasn't been found at the mall or anywhere else. But I did find something. It was a white note that the black masked man dropped. I didn't give it to the police because the note had nothing to do with them. It had something to do with me, Tracy, and Jessica. Who were-are-Olivia's friends. The note had messy writing and it said:

If you come after Olivia I will make the three of your lives a living nightmare. I couldn't help but let my fear show when I read it. I mean the guy must've had this all planned out. He knew we saw and he would probably kill us if we told the police. That is one reason I didn’t tell the police or show it to them.

I mean I didn’t even tell my friends either, even though they all had something to do with the note. I slipped out of the covers and quickly changed into a Harley Davidson T-shirt, my old chucks, and ripped jeans. "Jase!" My father called. "Come down stairs please." I sighed annoyingly, brushed my teeth, hair, and then went downstairs.

I was greeted immediately by my little sister, Lily. "Hey, sis." I whispered quietly. She mumbled something inaudible and then ran into the living room. I smiled a little and then frowned."What is it?" I asked Dad. "You should go hang out with your friends. You have been in the house too long. Your mother agrees."

I ignored him. "Where is mom anyway?" "She went to work, remember?" Dad said, studying me. "Oh." I shook my head. "Well I am going to go upstairs-" "Jase, didn't you hear what I just said?" Dad interrupted me, putting a hand on my shoulder to stop me from going up the stairs.

"Yes." I huffed, pushing his hand off my shoulder and making my way up the stairs. "Jase!" Dad called. "Come down. Why don't you hang out with Tracy or Jessica or that new kid you became friends with? They all seem great." He was trying to convince me to go outside, to drop Olivia all together. Not happening. "No!" I yelled. "Leave me alone."

I made my way back to my room when I heard my father behind me. "Please." he said, quietly. "You should go outside. Play some ball. Do something that is not in this room of yours." "No." I protested. "I am not going to go outside. That's not what this is about, right? You guys just want me to forget all about Olivia so I can be your "outgoing" and

"happy" son. Well that's not happening." I walked into my room and was going to shut and lock my door when my dad put his arm in the crack of the door and pushed it back open. "No. That's not what we are saying. Me and your mother are suggesting you go back to hanging out with your friends again. Maybe you wouldn't be so depressed."

I laugh. "Sure. The reason I am depressed is the loss of Olivia. Not anything else. You didn't-don't-even know how much she even means to me!" I shouted, crossing my arms and turning away from my dad. "No," He said. "I don't but maybe you could tell me. You never told anyone. Was it that you loved her?" he sat at the edge of my bed, making me turn toward him.

My anger deflated and I put my hands to my face, crying. "Yes," I said, quietly. " I loved her so much. Why did she have to go?" I sobbed loudly, sinking to my knees. My dad brought me from the ground and into a hug. "Well. She's dead and the only thing you have to do is move on. For her." My anger flared a little but I shoved it away. I shouldn't point it at my dad.

"Okay." I whispered, pulling away. "Thanks for understanding." Dad smiled. "We will fight this depression." he left, leaving the door wide open. I rolled my eyes. My father knew nothing.

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