{Till Death Do Us Part} Chapter One ~Tracy~
{Till Death Do Us Part}

Chapter One 
~Tracy~ chapter one stories

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Next chapter to my amazing Tddup book!

{Till Death Do Us Part} Chapter One ~Tracy~

I was doing my homework on my computer when I saw an article on Olivia's death pop up. I quickly clicked it away. I couldn't think of that day when she died a year ago except that it had been her birthday and it was the best day ever until that man came and killed her. I mean I still couldn't get that day out of my mind. It was always in my thoughts and nightmares and I could never get rid of it.

And when I did I still felt only sorrow and fear that they would come back again. All of us suffered badly that day. Jase went into a depression because he had loved Olivia and Jessica went into a post-traumatic shock. For me I would say there's nothing wrong. I have only nightmares and I keep going through the day in my mind, seeing if there was any way for me to change how it ended.

I mean I loved Olivia, a lot actually, but I couldn't help but want to move on. Even though I hadn’t been friends with Olivia for long. But It was time for me to go onto another chapter of my life. Not stay on the chapter before. I stared through my Pc, suddenly not feeling up to homework. I turned it off and flopped onto my bed, just as my phone went off on my bed stand. I checked it.

It was a message from Jessica. Can you come over? I am feeling sad. I sighed and texted back. Sure. I have to finish my homework first tho. Jessica texted back instantly. Ok. Do it fast! I smiled and put my phone back on the bed stand. I went back to my computer, because of my parents, just as someone knocked on my door.

"Who is it?" I called out. "Your mother." A voice said behind the door, which was locked. "Oh." I frowned and unlocked my door. "Sorry." My mother sat on my bed. She looked at me through emerald colored eyes and black hair. "Are you okay?" she asked. "Um...yeah. Why'd you ask?" "You've been a little distant. Which is normal for your age but I just think there

is something on your mind that's bothering you." Mom replied, picking up a picture of me and Olivia when we were 13. Olivia had her arm around me with mine around her. That was the best day. One I missed deeply. It was the year me and her became best friends. It was when I truly loved Olivia, as a friend and a person. I remember what my mother had said and shook my head.

"No. Nothing is bothering me. I am fine." I was fine. Though I felt a little bit mysterious about Olivia's death. Why did that man kill her? How did he know her name? Is that why the alarm went off? I had so many questions that could only be answered by the strange man or Olivia, who’s dead and probably can’t give me an explanation. "Are you sure?" She put the photo down and looked

over at me again. "Yes." I was actually being honest. Well half. "Well...then I am just worried too much about you then." Mom got up off of the bed and kissed my cheek. "Don't forget to do your homework." Then she left, shutting the door behind her. She had left a slight dent in my bed’s blankets when she had sat on my bed. I sighed with relief and went back to my homework.

I was doing Algebra, which wasn't very hard since I am an expert on Math. I had gotten better grades since Olivia's death. I don't know but instead of paying attention to other things like shopping and chatting I turned to getting my grades up. I finished my Algebra in 20 minutes and then went to do my Biology, which was the last thing I had to do.

I heard a ding from my phone and got up to check it. It was Jessica again. Are you done yet? I rolled my eyes and answered. No. Not yet. I have only a couple of questions tho. Txt you when I am finished. I waited for the instant message back but it didn't come this time. I went back to my desk and computer and put my phone beside me.

For Algebra being my easiest and therefore my favorite subject, Biology was quite the opposite. I hated it and it was very hard for me. In Biology we are learning the evolution of animals and plants. Which I think is dumb because we already know about animals and how they are born and how plants grow in the sun. It’s not like that but way harder than that, just what I really need.

I quickly put in the answers that I thought were right and shut my computer off. Then I texted Jessica, because I told her I would after I finished my homework. Coming to ur house rn. I waited for what felt like a century before she answered. Ok. I will be waiting out front for u.

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