The Kidnapping
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When I wake up and open my eyes I see pure darkness. I sit up and look around.

The Kidnapping

When I wake up and open my eyes I see pure darkness.

I sit up and look around.

I see myself In a dark basement sitting on the concrete floors.

I groan as i clutch my cheek.

It feels as If it was knocked hard against the ground.

I almost get up when I see an older girl laying in the couch in front of me.

She has short blond hair up to her shoulders.

She has a black tank top on along with a pair of blue jeans.

Sitting next to the couch is a pair of old black boots.

I wipe my long brown hair out of my face and swipe the boots.

I study them with interest.

They have a name on them written in ink.


Is that the girl's name?

I know my name is Luna.

It can't be my name for sure.

I gingerly place the boots down beside the couch again and look for a weapon.

I crawl across the ground and am about to reach for a hammer when I hear movement.

I freeze and turn to the girl.

She is getting up and putting on her boots.

She has a knife in her hand!

I yelp and grab the hammer.

I crawl behind the couch and clutch the hammer harder in my fist.

I watch as Alexis gets up and looks around the room.

I duck down lower to the ground behind the couch and pray that she doesn't see me.

"Luna!" The girl shouts. "I know you are here. Come out. NOW!"

I feel a shiver crawl across my spine but I don't move toward her direction.

"Okay. You wanna know why I kidnapped you? It is because your parents are rich. You know that right? That way they would have to give me there money so that i could give them you. Understand?"

I nod to myself and breathe calmly.

There is only two ways to get out of here.

Kill my way out or sneak my way out.

I think for a second.

I will try to sneak my way out.

If not, I will just have to hit her with a hammer.

I quietly crawl across the ground toward's Alexis.

I then slowly get up and see a door.

I steadily walk toward It.

I then then turn around just in time to see Alexis then turn and throw the knife at me.

A strangled cry escapes my throat as i quickly unlock the door and run outside.

I hear a noise and a bunch of screaming from inside of the house as I make my way out to the sidewalk. I call my parents and ask for them to pick me up.

The end or is it?

The Kidnapping By:Starr Like for Part 2.

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