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Stuff about meh!

Name: Rachel Ashlynn Kalmback(Nickname: Ash/Ashley) Age: 14 Gender: female Sexuality: straight (I am a Lgbtq+ supporter tho) Favorite number: 7

Favorite bands/groups:

Favorite bands/groups: ~Penatonix ~Imagine Dragons ~Maroon 5 ~Bts ~The Jonas Brothers

Favorite singers/artists:

Favorite singers/artists: ~Billie Eilish ~Bruno Mars ~Lewis Capaldi ~Conan Gray ~Melanie Martinez ~Katy Perry ~Taylor Swift ~Post Malone ~Ambjaay

Favorite songs:

Favorite songs: ~Heather by Conan Gray ~Cardigan by Taylor Swift ~Uno by Ambjaay ~Milk and Cookies by Melanie Martinez ~Copycat by Melanie Martinez ~Principal by Melanie Martinez ~Stronger than you ~Devil's Don't Fly ~Undo by Sanna Nielsen ~Memories by Maroon 5 ~Only Human by The Jonas Brothers.


Other: I have four dogs named Biscuit, Buttercup, Blizzard and Bristol. I also have 4 members in my family, Not including our hamster, parakeets, and dogs. Chloe(sis), Mom, Dad, and Me! I had surgery when I was born because I have a cataract. That means I am technically blind in one eye. (Please don't pity me. It is not as bad as it sounds. :3)

Bai ~

Bai ~ -Starr

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