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Nightstalker is a WillowClan warrior who is deeply annoyed with her clanmates. After getting lost in the misty forest, her skills are put to a test, and so are her clan's feelings for her.


"Nightstalker, could you take Sulfurpaw out training today?" Dapplednose asked. "Why can't you do it?" Nightstalker asked, snorting. Dapplednose looked at her, surprised. "If you ask me, you're the one not doing anything." Nightstalker snorted again and mewed, "Fine." She stalked towards the apprentice den.

"Sulfurpaw!" she cried, kicking the yellow she-cat in the stomach. Sulfurpaw jumped, now wide awake. "Dapplednose?" she cried. Then she noticed Nightstalker and growled, "Oh. It's you." Since when do you get to act like an authoritative, bratty, know-it-all?" Nightstalker growled back. "Come on. We're going training."

Nightstalker hated it when cats talked to her like that. She knew why they did. She had been born a rogue, and when she was very young, her mother had given her to WillowClan and then left and never came back. "Here." Nightstalker mewed, stopping. "Attack me." Sulfurpaw eyed Nightstalker's left shoulder. Nightstalker prepared herself to jump to the right.

Sulfurpaw lunged at the spot where Nightstalker was leaping to, and they both collided with each other. Nightstalker grunted and grasped Sulferpaw by the scruff and flung her into a tree. Sulfurpaw lay dazed for a moment, and then sat up, mewing, "Why did you do that, f-f-foxbreath!?" Nightstalker's pelt bristled with rage. She unsheathed her

claws and swiped Sulfurpaw hard over the nose. The little she-cat began to cry in pain. "Some warrior you'll make, if you cry at every wound and failure!"Nightstalker hissed. "You're-re bre-eaking the-e-e w-w-warrior cc-code." Sulfurpaw whimpered between yowls. "Yo-ou unsheathed y-your c-c-claws." Nightstalker sighed and stepped down hard on the she-cat's tail, causing her to scream in pain again.

"If you don't toughen up soon, you won't live to see any warrior code! You'll always be nothing but a pathetic, stupid, kit." At this, Sulfurpaw seemed to light up. She delivered a front paw blow to Nightstaker's head so fast that she hardly knew it had happened. Furious, Nightstalker sprang into the air and prepared to land on Sulfurpaw with all of her weight.

Sulfurpaw dodged just in time and kicked her hard in the stomach. After a while of screeching and rolling, they both for once agreed on something: it was time to get back to camp. But before they went, Nightstalker made Sulfurpaw promise not to tell anyone:or she would be murdered.

Back in camp, Nightstalker and Sulfurpaw padded to the fresh-kill pile, both carrying pieces of prey. Nightstalker was just about to leave the pile when she heard a voice behind her. "Nightstalker! Sulfurpaw! What in the name of StarClan happened to you two?" It was Bryonytwitch. Nightstalker quickly thought of a way to explain their injuries.

"Bramble thorns," she said as casually as she could. "it probably isn't to serious." "Isn't too serious? You both need to see Minnowwish right now!" Nightstalker looked at Sulfurpaw. Her wounds really didn't look bad. She only had some long gashes on her side and neck and some deep cuts around her left eye. "Fine," Nightstalker growled. "But only for a bit. I want to go

hunting." She and Sulfurpaw walked to the medicine den. "Sulfurpaw!" gasped Minnowwish. "How did you get like this? Your wounds are severe!" Nightstalker quickly made up a fake story about chasing the same squirrel into a thick bramble patch and getting tangled. "But these don't look like thorn scratches." Minnowwish

mewed. "These look like cat's claw marks." Nightstalker frantically tried to think of something to say. Finally, she told Minnowwish that they had also met up with some rogues on their way home. After Nightstalker's wounds had been tended to, she left Sulfurpaw and Minnowwish to go hunting in the woods by herself. A one-cat-patrol.

As she ran through the forest, chasing the scent of prey, she reflected on her day. With a stab of guilt, she realized that even she, Nightstalker, didn't like lying.

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