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☆Something About StarCity☆

★Take Me To StarCity★

by starcity

I grew up in The Galaxy .

Growing up here was interesting because I could see the stars.

In my spare time I Write, or read, or draw..

I initially got into this because of poetry night in the 2nd grade, ever since I wrote my first beautiful poem I've been obsessed with writing .

My proudest moment was when

I made my first story on a website called Quotev..

My dream is to Become a best selling author..

I want this because It would mean so much to me.

Now, I am a Random girl trying to persue her dreams.

I I write on Wattpad and Quotev.

I'm looking forward to Visiting Tokyo, Japan one day.

I'm excited about this because I want to go there to learn more about anime, and manga..

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starcity★FollowMeOnWattpad: @Never_Ending_Stars☆
a year agoReply
@izal5416 Haha, we do have some things in common!

starcity★FollowMeOnWattpad: @Never_Ending_Stars☆
a year agoReply
@marino Thanks! I'm new to commaful, and so far I'm really loving this website!!

marinoBronze Commahehe
a year agoReply
@starcity becoming a best selling author is definitely the dream!!! awesome stuff!!! looking forward to seeing ur comma posts!

izal5416Bronze Commasave me
a year agoReply
@starcity It's so nice to know that we have so much in common! I have an account on both Wattpad and Quotev as well, going by the same username. It actually is a small world after all. Anime and manga are wonderful things (lol) and I feel like we were just meant to be friends.

a year agoReply
PS @starcity i love how you use so many stars and that your username is starcity :D

a year agoReply
@starcity ahhh that's very cool. i'll check it out too! nice bio :)

a year agoReply
In life if we have no dream or goal. We have no direction. We wouldn't be living...we would be existing

starcity★FollowMeOnWattpad: @Never_Ending_Stars☆
a year agoReply
@jeremiah Quotev is very different from Wattpad, I think Wattpad has a nicer community of talented writers than Quotev. Not saying people on Quotev aren't nice, just saying I've gained readers and followers quicker on Wattpad than I have on Quotev!

starcity★FollowMeOnWattpad: @Never_Ending_Stars☆
a year agoReply
@sydney Thank you! And I sure hope that one day I will visit Tokyo!!

starcity★FollowMeOnWattpad: @Never_Ending_Stars☆
a year agoReply
@anominous Aww thanks! I'm just trying to reach for the stars!