Hi, my name’s Jessa
Hi, my name’s Jessa  dating stories

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This is a memory of me meeting the person I’m dating right now. But also... the only memory I’ll always appreciate - even thought right now - we might not be okay ever again. We might break up but at least this memory will forever stay.

Hi, my name’s Jessa

It’s nice to meet you!

Yes I am reading book haha.

Haha what do you mean ew?

You don’t like reading? What the heck

Who doesn’t like reading it’s so good for you.

Oh sorry - I started like 3 days ago

What was your name again?


Well - Nice to meet you haha.

So what do you do outside of work? Do you go to school?

Oh nice - yeah I’m in animation. That’s cool though, computer programming.

Do you wanna work for a company one day or have your own?

Thats awesome!

Oh okay well when do we start at 12 or 12:30?

Oh ok see you later!

(The weeks went on and I noticed his smile more. His eyes were bright and shiny and his soul lit up the room each day I worked with him)

Oh hey Marvin!

Oh cool yeah I’d love to join you guys for dinner.

(At dinner we talked about our lives and my attraction towards him deepen. I learned about his family, the things he wanted to do and the people he was hurt by)

Yeah I understand - I went through a long relationship that hurt me pretty bad. It was 6 years and he wanted to marry me but I couldn’t. I just wasnt’t happy.

But to be honest...It’s okay. I learned and I grew and I’m happy now (smiles)

(He drove me home)

I had a good time Marvin (smile)

Uh before I leave...

is it okay if I ask something?

Do you wanna...go to dinner next week before you go on vacation?

Uh with the same people as before!

Not alone haha

But we could do something

Just you and me...

Is that okay?

It is?!

Okay cool!

See you next week Marvin!

Cya 💛

(Next week went by and I asked the friend who went to dinner with us to bail. For some reason he knew I liked Marvin. So he bailed. Thank you Tom)

Yeah.....So I guess Tom bailed

Yeah I guess he is a snake (under my breath: ugh thank you Tom)

So yeah.. a Chinese Resturant? Is it good?

(We enter the resturant)

Yeah 2 people please!

So what makes you wanna go back home?

Ahhh I see. Well I hope you have a good time! It must suck not having to see your family for so long. I hope it goes well.

(It was a rather shy dinner. We tried to talk but fuck man I was so nervous)

(He dropped me off home again. 10 months later he would tell me he wanted to kiss me that night but he didn’t - he was scared)

Have a safe trip Marvin!

Uh before you leave.. can I have a hug? Sorry so lame lol

Have a good night! Safe Travels!

(After weeks of us talking online and him coming back soon, I had to ask him. It was on my mind for too long.)

Me: Uh... hey Marvin?

Marvin: yeah whats up :)

Me: Would you ever... kiss someone before dating them or is that not your thing?

Marvin: tbh i always wanted to but I get scared that the girl would slap me haha

Me: i wouldn’t slap you

Marvin: oh really ;)

Me: lol yeah im serious I wouldn’t... you’re a really special guy.

Marvin: nah i’m not that special.

Me: you are to me

Marvin: :)

Me: (i sigh at the screen) Marvin do you wanna go on a date? To the aquarium?

Marvin: a date? Like just you and me? Lol of course :)

(when I saw him walk through that door my heart fluttered wildly and couldn’t contain my smile)

(The day before the date, he dropped me off home)

I’m really glad you’re back.

(I kept staring at him. He smiled happily and lured my chin closer to him.) {“me too” he said} (And then he kissed me)

(I couldnt stop smiling when I got home and felt such happiness that I was honestly okay if I died on my bed)

(The next day we went on our first official date. The starting point of our beginning. But also the memory of us before we had to end)

This memory... is one of my most prized posessions Thank you marvin for being there for me. If anyone had to burst this bubble

It would be okay because...

At least I was able to fall in love again

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