"What if my love bothers him?"

 "What if my love bothers him?" love stories

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All I meant to do is have him loved. I hope that isn't having him bothered.

"What if my love bothers him?"

If one doesn't love you, you couldn't possibly force them to be into you. And obviously it isn't what you intend to do. But sometimes, what if the love you hold for them is a bit too much that they end up feeling that way?

I mean obviously you love them believing they're your Romeo or Juliet. So the love you hold for them is beyond the boundaries.

So what if they feel pressurized by your love? What if it is something they can't really deal with but couldn't let you know due to whatever may be the reasons? What do you do in such a case?

Limit your love? I mean HA HA HA if that's what you gotta do. Because if there's anything impossible in the world, it would be that. I guess the right thing to do would be to give them their space.

I mean yes by doing so, you might lose them. But hey! if they do find someone else better than you and do fall for them, it could only mean that they found their happiness in him/her.

It would be hard for you to take in of course. I mean bruh, he/she is the man/woman you kept dreaming of every single moment of your life! And now to know that they're just drifting far away from you...It does hurt. Trust me, I know it does.

But don't you think love is meant to be unconditional? I mean if you loved him/her based on conditions, is that even love in the first place?

I'm not saying you don't deserved to be loved! Everyone deserves to feel the beauty of love of course. But sometimes, our patience is tested.

We have to wait for whoever it is that is chosen for us. And when you do meet them, fighting to hold on to them finally seems much more peaceful than before because this time, you know they'd do the same for you too.

Thank you so much for reading.

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