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Anaxiphilia an art of loving a wrong person. For a single mom like, Analisa. All she wanted for her daughter is to grew with a known father, so she tried to love again.Her daughter Bella, witnessed and experience an opposite of what her mother think. And that the father she was calling was a psychopath, would they survive?


"P-please! s-stop! U-ugh it hurts!" I heard my mom wailed, who wouldn't be? My father was beating her up for spending his 30 bucks buying vegetables, for us to eat.

I ran to my room, locked the door. I was so scared. I wanna help my mom, but I knew once my dad saw me he'll beat me too. I covered my ears with my both hands as my mom's begs and cries. It gets louder and louder that all I can do was cry in silent. My grandma was right, we should never go back in this miserable place. This wasn't a home, this was a hell.

The next morning, I wake up lying at the cold floor. The place was quiet. I stand up and try to open the door without creating a noise, scared that I might bump into my father. I peek a little and when I saw nothing I searched for my mom. I was feeling heavy since I cried a lot, we don't even ate lunch and dinner.

"Mom?" I whispered, where is she? It was morning, she used to cook breakfast. She's not even in her room. Now where is she? "So you come out to your room?"

I was stunned, that voice. I can't face him. I was so scared and that was so visible as I trembled. My eyes started to get wet as my father walk towards me. He grabbed my shoulder and I panicked so I ran towards the living room and tried to openthe door with with my cold and sweaty hand, but I failed.

"No one will ever leave this house, Bella" He mentioned my name, I look at him. He was wearing a devilish grin, his eyes was glaring and his clothes was filled with blood. I can't move my feet even I wanted to run, I can't.

"ALL OF US WILL ROTIN HERE!!" His voice echoed the whole place. My heart was beating so fast, where are you mom? Help me. My tears started to fall as he held my face gently, like he was trying to tame me.

"Don't you like it Bella? We will be living here with your mom, you and me" He said like he was fantasizing over a happy family. Like we we're once so happy family. But we're not, all I can remember was the beating, cries, pain, everything that cannot describe the happiness and love.

I saw my mom run towards us, she pushed my dad aback so she could hug me. I saw how my mom's face beaten up, her arms, she was even bleeding. "I-I told you not to come out!" She yelled at me. Dad laughed, like he was a demon using a human body as a deception.

"WE WILL ROT IN HERE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" He screamed, my mom trembled. She was so cold, she even can't hug me tight as she was trying to protect me. Dad started to throw things on us but Mom was covering me. When he throw the vase and shattered on my moms head I screamed.

She fell to the floor and told me to run, I was so out of mind so I did ran to my room and locked the door. I cried, as I wipe my tears I saw a blood on my bare hands. That was the time I thought of asking for help, my mom she need help.

We need to get out of here, but how? I walk towards my window and tried to open it but I can't, it was screwed! Maybe that was the same reason why I can't open the door earlier, everything was secured like he planned everything. He...planned everything...

He tries to open the door of my room, he was punching and turns the door knob. So I ran towards the cabinet and hid myself. I blocked everything so that I could not be seen and covered, because right now at the aged of 14. I need to do something for us to be saved, for my mom.

I heard the creek of the door, it has already opened the door. I tried to control my breathing and sobs. It was so hot that I started to sweat, it was suffocating. "Come out Bella! I don't wanna play a game!" He sounded mad. I heard his footsteps, he was searching for me. I even heard a shattering sound of things, he was breaking everything.

"You'll be dead once I found you!" There was a light coming from the small hole in the cabinet, so I peeked just to see what he was doing right now. He was holding a knife, I was shocked. I was his daughter, how can he?

I moved backwards trying to fit in this space and for what I did, it created a sound. He stopped, I heard him laugh as I trembled. What should I do? "Bella, don't be scared baby" He muttered, I can feel that he was just an inch away. I close my eyes, readying myself for what may happened next when the doorbell rang.

He stopped and curse as he walk away, I was saved by the door bell! when I was assured that he was not in the room anymore I ran out of that room and go to the kitchen. I was trying to pull the basement door open but it was so hard. I was startled when someone grab it with my hand.

"Faster Bella" It was my mom, we entered the basement and hide to these piled up obsolete items. The place was so dark and dusty. I was crying silently, my mom was trying to calm me down.

She was hugging me and kept telling me a sorry which she shouldn't be. It was my dads fault not hers! "I'm so sorry Bella, for dragging you here. I-I should have listened to your grandma..." she whispered, she keeps on kissing forehead.

And for the moment I felt ease, but we shouldn't let our guard down. I can feel her heartbeat, it was so fast and loud. As long as dad was here, we're not gonna be safe. We stayed there for an hour, silent and groping on what will happened after this. I felt my mom moved, so I grab her.

"M-mom..." I can hear the fear in my own voice. My mom hushed me. "I'll be quick, don't worry stay at where you are. Hide yourself and be brave for mom okay?" She whispered, she kissed my forehead and I let her go as she crawl towards somewhere.

But minutes after the door suddenly opened, I was so scared so crawl towards the near thing, and I hid in the bay of the table with a covered blanket. I was bracing myself, as I heard my dad's footstep. "Do you think you can escape?"

His voice was different. Its voice is deep and cold, more frightening than before. "Do you know that the only way to escape is..." He paused, as he stop walking. I can see his feet 1 meter away from my place. The suspense was eating me, scared that we might caught.

"death" As he said that, I started to get dizzy and weak. I even had the urge to vomit, but I am holding it. Trying to be brave as I remember what my mom has said earlier. Was she okay? I wanted to see her. As I felt the heaviness and urge to close my eyes, I saw his shoes walking towards my direction and everything went black.

"Bella..." "Bella, wake up..." "Bella...." I felt a tap on my cheeks, I open my eyes and saw the fear on my mom's face her tears kept on falling. I held her cheek and smiled at her.

"d-don't cry m-mom, p-please" I beg her not to, but she could not. She came, that's what I want. To see her, I feel my body weakened. After that man caught me, he beat me up and tied upside down.

I have a few cuts on my arms, he pulled and cut my hair, he slap me, he pierce needle on my hand, he even removed my toe nails; and he was not my father he said. I realized that he's out of my mind, as I wailing for pain he was so happy. His eyes was frisky, he even tasted my blood and he screamed out of happiness.

He enjoyed torturing me, that he keeps on repeating what he does. I was so helpless, I am only 14 but why do I need to experience this. In my mind, I was seeking for my mom. I want to see my mom. And here she does, as that man leave me behind. "C-Can you hear me?"

I was just looking at her face, I don't know what she's saying. I...can't hear her. All I know that she was crying in agony, she untied me and let me sit. "Lets go, we'll escape here" "We'll be going to the basement again, I find a way there" "Do you h-hear me?"

She was talking non stop but I can't hear anything, what was she saying? Her tears drenched her cheeks. She pointed me, I can see that her hand was trembling. After pointing me she brought the hand close to the ear, it takes time before I get what she was trying to say. I nodded, then the reality strikes me.

Am I deaf? She turned as if she had heard it somewhere, she immediately supported me upright and we went out there. Half running, we went to the kitchen and opened the door through the basement.

I was so nervous, mom let go of me and she start to pushed a cabinet, she's having a hard time pushing that thing so I help her. When we finally remove it I saw an alley, a small one. I felt a tap on my shoulder so I look at her. She signed that I shall crawl down there. I was about to enter that alley, when someone grab my foot and pulled me, I screamed.

I tried to fight back, I kicked it until he let go of my foot. But when I was about to stand up he pulled my hair, I felt weak as I tried to get off his hands on grabbing my hair. He aggressively pushed me down on one of the things there and I felt like I was lying on something that felt like a sharp rock. There I realized, I was lying on a shattered mirror.

Bleeding.Hopeless. Mom where are you? Help me! He grabbed my neck and ruthlessly raised me in the air, he was trying to choke me to death. I tried hard to get away, but he didn't let me.

Is this my end? A tear fall from my eye as I felt something stuck on my leg, I grab it out as I was suffocating to death I stab it on the man's neck as my sights blurry and turned to black. I wake up, everything I can see was white. Am I dead? That was the thing I uttered but don't have a power to hear it though.

I look around and saw my grandma on my left side, her eyes widened so she call someone. She run near me, uttering words that I can't hear. The doctor's came in and come to check me, they we're talking to me but I don't know what to say. I saw a pen on his pocket so I grab it and wrote something on my palm.

I can't hear you. Where's my mom? They look at me with sympathy that I don't need, grandma was the one who wrote back. telling me the biggest information I didn't knew. She died, 24 hours before you escape they saw you lying at the roadside.

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