Lightning In The Dark
Lightning In The Dark horror stories

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Would you give anything to get what you love back? Are you really sure about that?

Lightning In The Dark

Liliana wakes up in the middle of the night stopping her alarm clock right next to her. She groans as she sits up in bed wiping her face. She looks around the pitch blackness in her room.

She stands up from bed and makes her way over to the light and switches it on. The light flickers above her before one of the bulbs go out.

"Damn" she mutters "oh well I like the darkness anyway.

" With the room slightly lit up she can see across the room; her telescope peering outside the window between the blinds, her scrawny bed taking up almost all the space in her room,

and behind her the kitchen with barely anything in it besides a box of cereal. She rolls her neck feeling the little cracks as she goes around and begins walking over to her telescope.

As she reaches the tainted white telescope she looks to the side of it seeing a picture of a man taped firmly in place.

She places her hand gently onto the picture "i'll find a way to bring you back." She walks away from the telescope going over to the side of her bed and kneels down reaching under it.

She grabs a book titled 'Amphinecro.' She wipes the mysterious symbol on the front of it that looks like something demonic as it glows a red ooze between its ridges like its bleeding.

The takes it over to her telescope and opens it swiping past many pages with cryptic looking creatures with all different names before settling on a page in the middle.


she rolls her eyes at the words looking over the page seeing name:unknown, gender:unknown,

Date of appearance: ranges from beginning of earth creation to now(possibly more) Abilities: unknown mostly, but is known that this entity can meddle with the fabric of space,

Weakness: Unknown, Notes: we cannot contain the being therefore it is best to stay within the good graces as to not get yourself killed or better yet dont mess with entity at all.

Recent appearances: As of January 2012 witnesses of being account that they have seen a strange thing appearing within their homes offering salvation as well as deals for greed.

This being has had increased appearance within the town of Chernobyl much more frequently recently up by 20%. Further study required.

She sets the book down giving a sigh before slowly picking up her small bed setting it against the wall.

She grabs a can of spray paint from the kitchen and begins marking the symbol from the front of the book onto the floor. She stands to the side and begins recounting a mirage of words.

Suddenly, the room begins to shake as stuff falls to the floor and the bed slowly moves away from the wall.

Her eyes turn black as she is shot to the back of the room slamming into the wall falling unconscious for a little bit.

She slowly opens her eyes to see her bed broken in half and things broken all over the room besides the telescope which stayed firmly in place.

She curls her hand into a fist before hitting the ground "Dammit." She bangs the back of her head against the wall crying. "I can't do anything" she weeps before standing up.

She walks over to her telescope and opens the blinds in front of it seeing the rain pouring outside as thunder domes through the room.

Suddenly she sees a crack of lightning shoot down from the sky glowing a radiant purple before it stops midway from hitting the ground lighting her room in the glow.

Suddenly, a clap is heard behind her as she darts behind her. In front of her is a man in all black clapping at her saying "what are you looking at" in a normal voice. "You're him aren't you"

"Him?" he asks

She points towards the book with her shivering hands "the thing I summoned."

"The thing you summoned" he says giving air quotations around the word summoned "you can't summon me actually and also while im at it, it's kind of rude to be calling me thing you know."


"No its fine since you wouldn't be able to realize what I am so your brain naturally goes to thing.

I bet you read in that book that I can be anything male or female so,"he stares at Liliana with a dead look "it probably would be best if you just called me thing huh?"

Liliana stays quiet.

"Well im here now" he says walking towards her "So what, did you wanna ask about the wisdom of life, where I came from,"he begins playing with the telescope looking through it,

"what's out in space," he turns back to her staring blankly at him "or is this just a booty call?"

"No" she stutters "It says you can mess with time."

"In a way, sure"

"Then I was wondering if you could bring my dad back"

He puts his head on his chin walking around Liliana "Why, where is he, Oh wait I already know the answer" He makes his way to the front of her "Sure why not"

"Thank you" she says before being interrupted

"But this isn't exactly a free thing"

"Yea sure whatever the cost then"

"Careful what you wish for" he says with a concerned tone "are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes" she replies quickly, "more than anything."

He gives a crooked and cracked smile before snapping his fingers as the spray painted sigil begins to light.

She walks over to it happily seeing a hand popping up "Dad" and then a decomposing head with a hole in the middle of it where bugs crawl from.

The distorted screams begin to wail through the room as Liliana backs away seeing maggots forming around his mouth. "I told you careful what you wish for" the thing says.

"What did you do" she yells at him.

"What you asked for," he pulls out a notebook opening it "you specifically said 'I was wondering if you could bring my dad back'"

"Not like this"she says seeing her dad on the floor with bugs all around and inside of him crawling. "No one should suffer like this."

The thing pops up next to her with a gun in his hand and says "then dont let him."

"No" she yells.

"Then live with the consequences of your actions." Her dads cries become louder and louder before she takes the weapon from its hands.

She begins to shake before pulling the trigger saying "sorry." The thing cracks a chuckle behind Liliana cries saying "Damn thats two times now.

I guess the saying is true, some people just dont learn." He pats Liliana on the back and walks away as her dad lays bleeding black on the floor. "Well it's time for you to hold your end."

Liliana turns and pulls the trigger of the gun at him but nothing happens. "And you wanna know what I want" he says walking closer and closer as his face distorts and cracks open.

He puts his finger on her chest as she suddenly gets limp standing still and lifeless. He walks over to the window and looks outside "Come on now" he says holding out his hand.

Liliana walks over taking it like a princess as they both disappear and the lightning finally strikes the ground.

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