100th Birthday.
100th Birthday. birthday stories

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It's your 100th Birthday, Happy Birthday!

100th Birthday.

Today is your 100th birthday. A 100 birthdays, you never thought you would live that long. It makes you think about your life, what you have done...

you have come a long way, married a lovely woman, had a few children, you really lived a long happy life.

But, yet you never thought you would come this far, live this long.

No parent ever wants to outlive their child, but you did and it was, as you would put it, unfortunate, but you couldn't stop it. No one could...

Maybe that's why you came here.

Today is your 100th birthday, it's a pity you won't live to see it through...but the man behind the door of your room holding the 12 gauge shotgun...

he will.

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