To You, Commaful! Mk. III!
To You, Commaful! Mk. III! thank you stories

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Another thankful spiel for 2400 followers!

To You, Commaful! Mk. III!

So, I have hit another personal milestone! My follower count has doubled since the last post (it was at 1200), and I decided to take a break from my day and all of you! I hope there isn't such a thing as saying 'thank you' too much. :)

All the support that I've recieved on this website, since early March, has really made me smile as a writer! Commaful is the most 'real' place on the Internet and seeing all of you pursue your passions as writers has been a treat from the onset.

In my last 'thank you' post, I told you all a story about why I write and why I am kind to others in the way I am, as those are questions I have been asked by others here in the past. Today, I want to talk about other, more optimistic things!

Throughout my time on Commaful, I have noticed something spectacular that has only continued to develop into something better. It's the support that everyone shows each other both in terms as individuals and as writers!

Shoutouts, likes, and comments all around the table -- and especially for newer and talented writers -- have only increased and Commaful seems to be glowing vibrant and exuberant now more than ever!

I want to encourage you all to continue those forms of support and welcome new writers into the fold! It's fun to see new perspectives and that is very valuable in a diverse community such as this one.

However, I want to do something a bit more special than just tell you all how you're awesome! :D I am quite self-aware, so I think I might have a reputation for longer comments. I want to give you all advice on how to do so. :)

When reading pieces, find your favourite lines and think about why you love them so much! Talk about poetic/literary devices and how the repeat throughout the piece and make them work from a more 'mechanical' perspective. Relate the message of the piece to your own experience!

I apologize if any of this seems obvious, but I want to see the support in this community continue to blossom! None of that is a secret anyways. :)

However, I have a few pictures of myself to share with you all, because why not. They won't be serious at all. I'm not done with surprises yet!

Okay, I just wanted to throw you all off. :)

I apologize for the cringeworthy pictures! I just want to share my... Jubilance (?) with you all! One final surprise is in store, though, and a big one at that!

Drumroll, please?




It's my voice! There will be a link in the comments section to a 'dramatic' reading of my last piece, 'Yellowjacket'. All of you are awesome so I feel comfortable in sharing what I look like and what I sound like!

So yes, much love to you, Commaful! As with the last two posts, I will also do an AmA (Ask Me Anything), so ask away! I will choose what questions I answer or not, but I don't think I will have an issue with most questions.

Take care, all! <3

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