To You, Commaful! Mk. II!
To You, Commaful! Mk. II! thank you stories

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Another thankful spiel! And

To You, Commaful! Mk. II!

So, it's been roughly 25 days since I made a celebration post, and I told myself that I would make one every 600 followers. Yesterday, I hit 1200, but I'm a bit late as I'm somehow over 1400. I guess that means people must like what I write, I think! :)

I will save myself from being repetitive, so I won't just be saying thank you today. But, of course, thank you! Without you, my writing would just be in an echo chamber. Commaful has been delightful in bring me back to creative writing, and I am grateful!

However, I want to tell you all a personal story and then share a few things from the past. Some silly things, actually! I encourage you to laugh at them. :)

In the past, I have been asked two questions: Why do I write? Why am I kind to others in the way that I am? Yesterday's piece kind-of touched on the former. I won't answer this through poetry. I'll give you all a truthful answer.

For me, I have loved creative writing and storytelling from a young age. They have brought me a lot of happiness through unhappy times, and it's one of the only ways I feel 'at home' in expressing myself and my emotions.

I have never experienced anxiety (outside of one occurrence), depression, or self-harm. But throughout school and up until the beginning of this year, I felt very lonely, frustrated, and just unhappy in general.

I have always had support from my family, amazing friends, and inspiring role-models. But I have always felt distant from them. Writing is one of the only ways that I found glee in 'communicating' with others.

I am not going to pretend that I had a rough childhood, and I would never be anyone besides myself. But feeling alone is one of the most hopeless feelings one can have. I accepted it after a while, though.

When my Writing 12 teacher told me, last June, that my words make a difference (along with many others), I felt like I knew what my purpose was. I write because I love writing. Without it, I'm not sure what I would be right now.

I don't want any of you to feel alone or underappreciated like I did. Words on the Internet can only do so much, but there can be a happy ending because I think I've made my way there.

Writing is one of the most intimate forms of communication. You are literally putting a part of yourself, naked, for others to see, compliment, and criticize. I am treating all of you the way I wish I was treated. :)

Sorry if that was a bit of a downer, but I have some other things to share. Some... Old poems! A few from Grade 6, 7, and 10, to be precise. You can make fun of them as much as you want to. :)

Out of Reach (Grade 6)

As lonely as the last man on Earth. As empty as a school at night. Brighter than a clear, blue sky. This is what it is like in outer space.

As quiet as a mouse. Like a hollow tree. As cold as the arctic. As lonely as can be.

Teleporter (Grade 7)

Brother, I wish that we could travel And have a great unravel, To the far reaches high and low And all of the places we can go.

How will we do this you may ask? It will be a very difficult task We will simply use a teleporter And not a heavy vehicle motor.

Our device will take us close and far And will be much easier than driving a car But how will we get it you tell my ears I will be able to tell you in a few hundred years.

Voyagers (Grade 10) I also think this might be the only 'heartbreak' (I use that word liberally) poem that I've ever written!

At last I felt relief as fall showed off A gem to end a lifetime’s search of mine. It shimmered and glistened right down the trough Of miners spread from sea to land to shrine.

But time went on and we were home at last; Faint cracks emerged but soon I ignored that. Later we soared across the towns so fast, And then you were missing under my hat.

I should have sought you out but then I found A shard which shined against the heat of Sol. I failed to see what should have been the bound, As now you were injustice towards my haul.

Even after the lies put in my mind, I still continue rhymes, as I am blind.

I hope all of these show that I have improved significantly! If not, then welp. :) I hope you enjoyed reading them!

Thank you for making it to the end. I also want to mention that you can more of what I write (some okay-ish analysis' and some short stories) on my personal blog! Just look up stadarooni on Google, but I will also link it.

If you want to, you can also ask me anything! I don't think there's a question I won't answer, but, actually, there probably are. I hope to see all of you continue to follow your passions in the future! <3

Actually, here is another shot of my face, because why not. :)

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