The Wispy Winter
The Wispy Winter gingerbread stories

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Holiday hearts hum halycon delight!

The Wispy Winter

Wonderland waltzes, Polar puree lullabies, Snowflakes swirl in smiles!

Snow sugarcoats trails, Timber twirls like candy canes, Heart carols cocoa!

Frost fleeces feelings, Love tastes like gingerbread joy, Solstice romance sleighs!

Take your mittens and melt!

(Aside) So, after so long, I decided to write something again! :D I apologize that it's only three haikus, but I wanted to write something fun that fit the season.

I have ideas for the second part of my VR story, so expect that sometime soon. I am also doing well, and my finals went VERY well! This has been my best semester yet in terms of grades, too! :D

I hope all of you are doing well so close to the holidays, and that you are all excited! :)) Take care, Commaful, and I hope that you all enjoyed this quick one. Thank you and love you all! <3

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