The Wind Rises
The Wind Rises prize stories

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"Le vent se lève! . . . Il faut tenter de vivre!" - Paul Valéry

The Wind Rises

The wind rises and whirls to the end; our worlds come in many sizes, my dear old happy friend.

Time rockets and we glide. Faces embracing the earnest sky blue as my cheeks are kissed by the breeze’s stride. What replaced our summer hue?

Our lives went by whirling in the air, the world only looked like a distant blur. My memory of you is confined to one tiny square; I always wonder when our fateful day will occur.

The wind rises

and whirls to the end;

this day is full of prizes

and your face is one of them,

my friend.

(Aside: I hope you enjoyed this smaller piece! I want to let you all know that I won't be posting/checking out stories as often through the rest of the month. I have finals, and things will be ramping up before they go wrapping up! I promise that I won't vanish... And there's still that collaboration that is being worked on!

I hope you understand. Have a pleasant day and may your life not be filled with rain!)

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