The Sleepyhead Sweetheart
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Frisky critters make for frisky friends!

The Sleepyhead Sweetheart

On one grey, rainy morning where the rain pitter-pattered against the foggy window, sweet Agnes slept soundly as she always did.

She dreamed about being a princess cat with a pretty pink tutu, but she really loved dreams where she captained a pirate ship, meowing "Me-arr-ow!" as she chased scared humans for tasty treats!

Not much happened in these lonely mornings, where Agnes's humans went to work and school.

Agnes lied down like a yoga trainer, reaching out her cuddly paws like she was catching yummy fishes in the sea.

But then, she cried a tear that sparkled like a star, with her dandelion coloured eyes opening moments later to see an empty room.

Agnes missed the humans.

Waking up, she stretched her legs and licked her silky fur until she was as flat as a furry pancake: she had to get up for her noontime feast of tasty tuna and cheddar cheese, a meal fit for a ferocious feline!

But then, Agnes heard the skitter-scatter of tiny feet in the kitchen, scrambling faster than a frisky feline that hears the shake of delicious treats.

Her heart raced like the gallop of a leaping lion – but was she the huntress or the hunted of the house?

She turned the corner and – the cupboard to the food was opened!

Worse, the treat bag was lying on the floor with bite-marks!

She then saw her scrumptious meal, all gobbled up by someone more hungry than a hyena.

The room was as silent as a mouse at midnight, but Agnes could hear the wag of a teeny tail that patted the plushy rug of the living room.

Under the comfy couch, two eyes shone like sapphires in a blue sea, and they watched Agnes with kitty-cat curiosity!

Her nose smelled the snow-white fur of the kitten, with stripes of brown like hazelnut that decorated his back.

Agnes couldn’t believe that she forgot about the poor kitten from the previous night!

The startled kitten carefully tip-toed from under the couch, giving a tender meow when he realized that his furry feline hero had woken from her calm catnap.

He then prowled his paws across the floor and rubbed his fuzzy head on Agnes’s legs, telling her with his little voice that his name was Mittens!

“That is such a cute name for such an adorable kitten! My name is Agnes, or Aggi, as my humans like to call me,” said Agnes.

Mittens gave a gentle smile to Agnes, but then looked at the heavenly treats with frisky feelings and a meow of mischief.

“Mittens, those treats have the most scrumptious salmon to the most mouth-watering catnip! Precious panthers like us must wait for the humans to feed us.”

Agnes wanted to take the sweet kitten on an exciting tour, all the way from her elegant tower to her cozy house that felt like a majestic mansion.

But while thinking of fun ideas, Agnes noticed that the crafty critter had vanished like a poofy cat-shaped cloud!

She rushed downstairs to chase merry Mittens like a swift snow-leopard that fell into a bucket of ink.

Meow! Meow! gleefully greeted Mittens, who was sunbathing under the sparkling lamp of the living room.

Mittens lounged like a milky breadloaf of soft fur, before the sleepyhead sweetheart closed his diamond-like eyes.

Agnes cuddled up with the kitty, giving him wooly warmth as the sun began to break through the storm-clouds.

As her fur glimmered in the shimmering sunshine, Agnes smiled – she had many adventurous dreams, but the best dream finally came true.

She had a friend.

(Aside) So, this is the second story about my cat that I wrote back in either January or February of this year. It's a sequel and I'll have the current one, that I'm working on, up tomorrow! :)

I hope that this one is very cute and that it makes you all smile. Since my semester just ended, I also want to do my best to get back into writing more regularly again, although I am unsure if all of it will go up on here as prose is something I wouldn't mind getting back into. :)

I hope that you are all well and staying healthy! Take care, Commaful, and keep writing! <3

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