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Just a fun script that I wrote last year in high school. I hope you all enjoy!

Stage Fright

(Author's Note) Before I head into this piece, I wanted to give some background! In my Writing class last year in high school, we had to write a short, page-long script. I edited it a bit here so it would look nicer in the Commaful format.

I used to play piano, so I thought this one would be a fun idea for it. It doesn't have too much meaning, but I want to share some of my old writing before I get into the mood to write my next piece. I'm not really in the mood to write right now, so sorry!


A spotlight floods the stage, illuminating the piano. A PIANO PLAYER, 18, is sitting on the piano bench, completely still with their eyes closed. They are in a trance, as shuffling voices fill the dark theatre.

PLAYER (breaths heavily) It's just a contest. One that you've worked hard at for seven months that will define fifteen years of music, but it's just a concert.

Their hands are gently placed on the piano keys. The light fades, and the memories come like voices.

TEACHER #1 (flashback) No, no, no, you're playing it all wrong! (pause) Let’s try this from the top. I'm sure you'll get it right eventually.

TEACHER #2 (flashback) With emotion, with flamboyance. Think of it as a hop, and you're the rabbit. (with pizzazz) Only you know how to do that!

TEACHER #3 (flashback) Eleven years of music: colour me impressed! I mean, you could be a lot better, but that's the end goal!

The spotlight comes back, and the Player is revealed. They are in the same position, but now sweating.

PLAYER (sighs) That's too much to think about, and I don't like thinking. Constructive criticism has no place in MY moment.

Without warning, a STAGE DIRECTOR, 23, is brightened up, having a mild look of confusion on his face. He stands on a walkway above the stage, looking down at the PLAYER.

STAGE DIRECTOR (over loudspeaker) Hey, V! Why are you talking to yourself down there?

V (surprised) O-Oh Rob! Rehearsing just makes me nervous, th-that's all! Also, do you think you can hit the lights? My eyes kind of hurt.

ROB (over loudspeaker) Uh, sure. Whatever you say.

Darkness fills where Rob stood.

ROB (loudly) Need anything else, V? I'll be listening to you play over here if not.

V (monotonous) Thanks, but I can't really see you. It's pretty dark down here.

ROB (unamused) Oh. Well, good luck. I'm sure you'll do fine.

The sound of Rob’s footsteps becomes fainter by each passing second as he exits the scene.

V (sighs) How does fifteen years equate to this?

V is left in the dark, out of sight, out of mind. Silence is all that remains.

End scene.

(Afterword) So that is that. If it's bad you can blame past-me, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! If you want me to share some more writing from before, I am happy to. I will get back to writing more pieces soon, though, hopefully.

Take care, everyone! <3

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