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stadarooni Empathy is the human superpower.
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The kingdom has leftovers.


Have you ever heard of the rainbow soldiers?

They were not warriors who hurt,

or sentries on alert.

They were all ends of a spectrum,

who gazed to an end to self-direction.

Red’s rhymed rage ignited

orange’s orderly offbeat,

which gave yellow’s yearning yell

an unbreakably chained

claim to companionship.

Yet they were an airship, not only an airship

but the flagship.

The flagship that flies

over where man glides

and the world cries – but wait.

Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

are the pilot,

the bow that glows and all men know.

But have you ever heard of pink?

She was an introvert too,

an animal destined to be queen with you.

Yet there she walks

because walking is all she is allowed to do.

Like a hopeless heart she bleeds tears

of a tsunami that has struck a small island.

Her friends are the rainbow soldiers

and pink is now so much bolder

than she ever was,

but pink is not on the rainbow.

She never pleads pleas pertaining pleasure,

instead persisting public plunders

that she is left behind.

“At one I was not undone,

but at nine I am a child’s mine.

I am on dolls that fall to

appalling things in malls

which they just reprise

against the lies that

accompany my prize.”

Pink is not the emotion

that you see on the ocean

with devotion coming from slight motion.

She is the cry of silence

brushed aside as something

that is nothing.

She stands beside grey brown and black

but she’s the invisible ink,

waiting to be on that rainbow.

Yet she can’t compete with law,

taking her words and her jaw

and slewing them across a maw;

the maw of society,

which plunged her into notoriety.

Their piety is why she will never sing.

Have you ever heard of the rainbow soldiers?

They can mix,

but they can’t mix into everything.

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