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Just jumping on this #onefact bandwagon. Not a traditional piece!

#onefact -- Something About Me!

Before I start, yes, that picture is of me! Lots of people like fireworks, though, so I'll put my brother's picture from a few days ago up here. :)

I have noticed a lot of you have been posting facts about yourself and I have been reading quite a few of them -- they're all great! I'm not so sure if I'm that interesting of a person, but I want to try this thing out myself.

Thanks to @kaylynn for this wonderful idea to bring the Commaful community together! I encourage you all to join in and have fun! :D

I have talked about this in some of my asides after my pieces and perhaps in some of my comments, but the thing that actually inspired me to write was not novels, music, emotions, movies, or television.

I didn't really get into reading novels until I was about 13, I don't really watch any television shows, I don't watch movies too often, and... Well, of course emotions impact my writing!

It's actually video games that inspired me to write! It all started when I was about 13 and I played one game... Halo 4.

So, Halo is a first-person-shooter, but this game actually told a story that I was emotionally invested in. The video games revolve around a supersoldier called the Master Chief and his AI companion Cortana as they discover the legacy of an alien race that is seemingly extinct.

The fourth game in this series, however, had Cortana, the AI character, deal with her imminent death in a manner that can be equivalent to dementia.

My grandfather had something similar to Alzheimer's at this time, so it hit a bit close to home (even for 13-year-old me).

To see a character that I liked a lot in a franchise actually die and for a story to take itself and its themes -- of being a human vs. a machine that followed orders, the fallacy of being the 'chosen one', and friendship -- seriously was astounding to me.

It sounds a bit stupid and I can see some of your eyes rolling right now. :) I've read barely any Harry Potter, I disliked The Hunger Games (that was a while ago and I should give it another shot), and I can't get into Dickens.

I don't say that all to be petty -- no! I said that because you don't have to be forced to enjoy and be inspired by what other people love.

My favourite novel is 1984 by George Orwell, which I know a lot of people dislike! These differences make us all beautiful as writers and as people.

I just want all of you to know that inspiration really does lie in the most unlikely of places, and you don't have to follow the script to be a success. Still, practice makes perfect and reading is an essential skill to have as a writer!

So, that was my #onefact. I encourage you all to write your own and share them with everyone! This will be fun. :) Take care! <3

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