Shining Shimmer
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stadarooni Empathy is the human superpower.
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A collaboration of radiant rengas with @soothrain and @debadityadutta! Enjoy! <3

Shining Shimmer

Sky sunsets to sleep – stars shimmer like polka-dots, a cosmic curtain. Rivers mirror the heavens, illumine esse, stars shy.

Meteors of hope, that have not stopped supporting, Mars will help you win. Its rust will turn to roses, hearts met at the horizon.

Your warmth transcending, the sun, work of art art thou, my own nebula. Your loved ones are rocky rings, you have to be the Saturn.

Trail-blaze and twinkle, whisk and kiss to galaxies, sprinkle your starlight. Though the world may beat us down, your black hole will haul us through.

And launch me in space, deep towards Neptune; unknown, while stars blaze by us. Cosmic candles bloom beacons, dazing gravity and gloom.

Enhanced with flaws, beaute, like the moon fondles its own, along soaking shine. The sun is the greatest friend, rises without fail. Ever.

(@stadarooni's Aside) I hope that you all enjoyed this collaboration with two extremely talented members on Commaful! It was a fun learning experience, and working in tandem with everyone's styles was both gleeful and giddy. Thank you for reading! <3

(@soothrain's Aside) This collab turned out to be great, I enjoyed my time with two awesome writers, each line was woven and crafted with careful thought, hope you guys enjoy this! ☺☺☺☺

(@debadityadutta's Aside) I was absolutely overjoyed to participate in the collaboration...... This has been a wonderful journey and I I want to reiterate it again that how amazingly wonderful this community has been........Thank you and Love you all.....

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