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stadarooni Empathy is the human superpower.
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He said let’s get out of this town.

Words so simple

the puzzle did not even formulate in my head.

Words so complex

it was as if an oracle had shook me until I was dead.

Prophets rushed towards me in a flurry of abduction

initiating some greater awakening of perception.

Tiresias had shown up to my reception

singing prophecies of self-inception.

My mind is my Achilles heel

and my voice is how I kneel

where words fail how I feel

carrying with them an empty deal.

My mouth is an endless void

tucked away from all I can avoid

hoping I don’t get destroyed

in a place where I’m unemployed.

Yet now there’s a place where I can grow.

That metaphorical ‘he’ is a tornado

steering me to where I can row

and maybe I can finally say yo.

Where my waterfall of words will wave

and a new beginning will be paved.

Where my mouth is no longer enslaved

by an audience I can no longer brave.

So excuse me if I’m not well behaved,

As new horizons are what I crave,

Maybe my words should be shaved

So my wildest dreams can be engraved.

So yeah,

let’s get out of this town.

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