#onefact --The Etymology of Stadarooni
#onefact --The Etymology of Stadarooni name stories

stadarooni Empathy is the human superpower.
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My final #onefact for an interesting question. Hope you enjoy!

#onefact --The Etymology of Stadarooni

First off, this will be my final #onefact piece! I really like them, but I plan on posting a regular poem/prose piece on the weekend. Thanks once again to @kaylynn for this fantastic idea to bring the community together! :D

Also, that picture is was taken the same day as I took my profile picture and it's pretty awful, haha! The other picture, that you can see here, was taken by my brother.

There is one question that I am very surprised nobody has asked me here so far. What is 'stadarooni' and why does that name sound so stupid? (Okay, it wouldn't surprise me if I'm the only one that cringes at it.)

First off, I should clarify how it's pronounced. The 'stad' part rhymes with pad, and the 'arooni' part is like the 'aroni' in 'macaroni' but with a different 'o' sound that is more like the 'oe' in shoe rather than the 'o' in macaroni. You can pronounce it however you'd like to, though. ;)

In grade ten or eleven (when I was anywhere from 15 to 16), I made friends with three other people named Alex and we had this annoying problem where someone would call 'Alex' and all of us would look at them.

Eventually, some of my friends started to call me by my last name, which is actually in my username. So yes, you all knew my last name without realizing it.

Some of my friends had this really cheesy nickname for me -- stadarooni -- which I hated at first. It really made me cringe and my friends argue on who came up with that nickname. However, one day that name turned into a badge of mine.

Towards the end of grade eleven, one of my friends said that I should make a blog when we were discussing a movie. I thought that was a fantastic idea, but I didn't know what to call it. That's when the idea popped up.

I believe I have shared my blog with many of you, but I called it 'stadarooni'. Later that summer that name was cemented in Air Cadets as we all call each other by our last names -- a lot of people called me stadarooni instead!

For a while, I never heard my first name and if you ever call me by my last name, I will likely respond faster. Good thing I didn't reveal what that exactly is, though! :D

On Commaful, there is no other name that I would have picked for myself, and I now like the name a lot more! So yeah, that's the story behind that.

Also, I want to plug in that you should all follow my Instagram account for creative writing (@stadaroonii). Just had to plug that in there. :) If any of you haven't seen my blog and want to read it, the address is stadarooni.wordpress.com!

If you want to participate, tag your piece with #onefact or tag @kaylynn in your comments! Take care, everyone! <3

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