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Something short.


Hey, everyone! You may have all noticed that I haven't been on Commaful, lately (minus two haiku pieces and the large collaboration) and I just wanted to address that here.

Due to more personal reasons, I am deciding to take a long break (at the least) away from Commaful to recharge myself and come back with fresh eyes and a fresh mind. I am sorry if this disappoints any of you, but it is in my best interests.

Additionally, for my writing, I do not feel like the social media nature of Commaful has affected my writing in a great way as I often don't feel like writing what I want to, here. The VR story (the second part, 'Sweetener') was a struggle and not fun for me to write, for instance.

I want to let you all know that it has been a privilege to get to know and meet so many people on here (and some amazing friends, too!), from across the world, and to write with you all. I have learned a lot about myself, too, and I really like that an interest of mine led me to something so wonderful.

I want all of you to do your best for yourselves (it is okay to be 'selfish' if it means reaching for happiness) AND to also be excellent to each other, as much as you can. The community here is very tight-knit but things can collapse before you even know that they do.

You all take care and please, continue to write and collaborate and explore new ventures, writing or otherwise. That way, you will continue to grow and your love for writing will flourish, too. If I come back, I will also make a fifth collaboration and yes, it will top 'Perchance to Dream'!

So this isn't on too much of a down note, here is a meme that someone created, of me, a long time ago. Much love to you, Commaful, and see you soon! <3 (Also, I will still respond to PMs.)

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