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Thoughts about something...


I lay upon my bed; this dingy raft that clenches my breath of impervious time.

My ashes of memories pale under rainclouds, neither bleak nor daunting.

Grey skies illuminate the emptiness of their shelter; my eyes seep in ashes without tears.

That euphemism; that feeling had evaporated into a colourless monument of us.

Yet, it still reeks as lead punctures into my veins and a whirlpool of cries wrench me into a canvas of lost dreams –

why did I fall asleep on those?

Is passion fated to the sombre?

The bedded raft, soundless and soulless, glides into the smoke where nothing remains.

A hollow bastion to the lost, unmarked.

Yet, one eye fades and the other opens. Euphoria bleeds the lead away into ice cream.

My bed; my raft is a plane that dances amongst hummingbirds and refuses to diminish the pitter-patter of my heart.

It’s not us, I feel; it’s the harmony of this new dawn and an unheard melody.

There are no castles here, only a rainbow that caresses the open flight of tears and smiles.

The impossible zips into the stratosphere of my awakened dreams as the unseen star -

the chronicle of my journey home.

I haven’t been there yet.

It won’t disappear.

(Aside) So, this is my first piece in a while! It's probably a bit rough, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I decided to do something a bit similar to my first piece on here, which is 'poetic prose' rather than poetry.

It might be a bit more 'abstract', but yes, it is about self-discovery and the faults of clinging onto the past. I would be interested to see what you all specifically think about the meaning, though!

The inspiration for this piece actually came from listening to music after waking up yesterday... It felt like the world was waking up. Thank you, again, for reading!

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