...And Beyond!
...And Beyond! afternoon stories

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A colourful collection of eight haikus! Enjoy! <3

...And Beyond!

Sunrise surprise smiles, Your heart melts the hues of night. You are pastel peace!

Noontide, shine abloom, Your songs of summer glimmer. All sweet like honey!

Autumn, ton amour, Your suite of lattes and leaves. Chilly sweater days!

Snowflakes are glitter, Whispers of your wondrous words. Your milky mural!

Feelings get foggy, But love, life linger ahead. Your mist always lifts!

Dance to the drizzle, Your step springs, raindrop rhythm. Bloom like sunflowers!

Colours arc the sky, Your silken strands, rainbow roads. Million shades of you!

You dress in starlight, Dreams like fingers interlaced. Everlasting you!

High hopes, et ultra!

(Aside) Hey, Commaful! These are just some haikus that I wrote last month that I am posting now. I feel very proud of them, unlike most of my writing lately.

I am very sorry for my absence on here from writing. I have tried, very hard, but I find myself dissatisfied with what comes out. I have some headway into the next part of my VR story, for instance (the last part of it being 'Sunflower') but I will likely scrap most of what I have.

However, these haikus are very special to me and they bring me a lot of happiness and pride! They are a sequel, of sorts, to my piece 'To Infinity...', which was posted back in April of last year. I love that piece, too, and I feel like I did it justice here. (Link to it is in the first comment!)

I love you all and hope that you are all doing well. Thank you for the continued support, especially on the recent collaboration post. You are all very important to me and my life! <3 Take care, Commaful, and write onwards!

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