An Inferno of Dreams (Part 1/2)
An Inferno of Dreams (Part 1/2) wish stories

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The first part of a collaboration with @PoemsAboutMe about some ideas...

An Inferno of Dreams (Part 1/2)

I march on through the impervious fire as it chars my skin and bones,

friction grinds me as the flames whirl like tornados in my eyes.

The flames strangle my heart and races through my veins,

the thick smoke replaces my oxygen with slithering lies.

A drumroll of judgments overwhelms my mind in hazy wisps,

with firestorms of memories tormenting me in their venomous bite.

It’s like the heat of a thousand suns scorches my last breaths away,

and the only thing that can salvage my soul is the frigid air of the night.

The flames whimper into the air and leave my body in ashes,

my scars bury my feet in an undying trudge through all my broken dreams.

I try to stop my body from sinking down the infinite abyss of dying words,

but my damaged voice crumbles and turns my wishes into screams.

(Aside) I hope you enjoyed this piece! It's a collaboration between myself and @PoemsAboutMe, and we're both proud of the final result.

The second part will be on her profile, soon! Thank you again for reading. :)

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