A Third Open Collaboration Proposal!
A Third Open Collaboration Proposal! stories

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News on future collaborations -- yes there will be another one! Please read all the way through if you are interested! Thank you! <3

A Third Open Collaboration Proposal!

Hey, everyone! Collab Daddy here! :D (Okay, sorry. That joke is actually awful and I hope that name doesn't catch on... No petitions for me to change my username, please. :)) )

So, after two colossal collaborations ('Pen and Paper, Sword and Shield' and 'Summerfall'), did you think we wouldn't be doing another one? :) Sarcasm aside, I am happy to let you all know that, yes, we will be doing a third collaboration!

'Summerfall' did very well and that's because of all of you fantastic writers and readers. So thank you all -- your love for writing and imagination came through brilliantly and that is something to smile about!

If any of you remember, we did go for an extra challenge in the second collaboration by having a theme that changed partway through and doubling the number of participants, too. I will confess that I feel a bit bad about a few things, though.

I chose the theme for 'Summerfall' poorly, forgetting that all of you live across the world -- and that by the time the collaboration was over, it would turn into autumn. Yes, the original idea for the last collaboration was just for it to be summer alone. :)

I must admit that I feel bad for putting the collaboration on my profile. I don't like the fact that it's me getting all the likes and shoutouts, and I know that not every writer will receive the proper attention for their part.

While I do plan to organize and compile the collaboration like last time, I decided to do something a bit different from last time. The way that the collaboration will be handled and developed will be the result of our minds, together!

What does that mean, you might ask?

I have been thinking of various ways to do the next collaboration, including its theme, the character limit, how many people will be involved, and if things will be different in terms of formatting.

What I want each of you to put the top 1-3 themes/prompts that you would personally like to write on in the comments. Remember that it should be something that many can write on. Also, don't pick 'why we write' and 'summer/autumn'. We have done those. :)

Second, what do you guys think of the number of people? Is forty enough, or would you like more at the expense of fewer words per part? (Everyone in the last one had a limit of forty words.) Would you like fewer people, but more words per part?

If a lot of people are interested, would any of you be interested in doing two collaborations at once, each with different themes? Is that redundant? If it isn't, should both collaborations be posted at the same time? Same profile?

One idea that was passed my way, too, is different. The previous questions don't really apply to this. Would you all be interested in writing a story, with an actual plot and characters?

If that is the case, give some ideas for a story that you would like to see! Ideally, a story collaboration will have fewer people. I will also write the very beginning and very end of the story so there is some guidance, but if that doesn't sound dandy, let me know. :)

We don't have to do a story, so let me know if you would like to do another collaboration like the last one instead!

In several days to a week (whenever comments die down), I will post another post with all of the options for you all to vote on. I hope that all of you like this idea, as I want to involve you all in the process more, this time. :D

Remember: EVERYONE is welcome to give ideas and join! If you don't want to give ideas but still want to participate, message me instead. :)

Take care, Commaful, and keep writing! I am excited to start things up again with this! Let's do this together! <3

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